You often hear these days of smaller brands being snapped up by the ‘Big Boy’s, but sometimes that buyout really does shock me. And not just me, but it also causes a shock to the online community of true ethical brand fans. Today I hear of the buyout of the amazing brand Pukka Teas. It’s a favourite brand of mine and having interviewed Sebastian Pole the founder for Thrive Magazine I guess it’s come as a huge surprise that Pukka Teas has sold to Unilever.  I think it’s one that will have come as a shock not just to me or to folk in the healthy food field, but also to PR companies up and down the UK.

I guess everyone has to plan for the future.
I posed the question to Pukka Teas – WHY?? This is their quoted response:

“Hello friends at Thrive. We totally understand you’ve got some questions for us. To answer your question WHY… from day one, our mission was to connect more people with the incredible power of plants and herbs. Healthier living, healthier planet. Choosing Unilever came down to two fundamentals; scale and sustainability. As part of Unilever, we have new levels of reach, opportunity and influence – rooted in Bristol, but spread all over the world. Unilever is a pioneer of inspirational social and environmental change; it embraces our expertise, influence and beliefs too”.

Pukka Tea and its ethical roots.
Pukka Tea began in the kitchen of the founders Sebastian Pole and Tim Westwell in Bristol in 2001.  They had a mission to bring the knowledge of herbs and Ayurveda to the world. Will that mission still stand?

Unilever – the consumer giant that already owns PG Tips and the Lipton brand, is adding to its tea portfolio with this purchase of Pukka Teas and Herbs.

Mick van Ettinger, head of tea at Unilever, said Pukka was the fastest-growing organic tea brand in the world and offered a “beautiful and great growth opportunity” by using the Anglo-Dutch group’s network to increase distribution.

Is this a case of another ethical brand joins the ‘big boys’ or does it mean a chance for Pukka to reach a worldwide audience with their admirable ethics. – Watch this space!

Read our full interview with Sebastian Pole from Pukka Teas inside Thrive Magazine here


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