Brand strategy and brand visuals

Your brand has to make you stand out, in an overcrowded marketplace!

Let’s get one thing straight, your logo is not your brand.

Your brand is everything from; your brand tone of voice, your staff and how they behave when working for you, your advertising, your social media conversations, your reviews and more.. That’s why, our brand strategy and brand marketing plan will help to develop your brand in a wholehearted and effective way.

This is about getting your brand positioning, mission and ethics spot on and reaching the exact kind of customer that you KNOW, will buy your products.

Why choose us to work with you, on your branding?

We’re not just any old digital agency! With over 22 years experience in branding and brand management and now 10 years working in the food, and health industry we know what works! Where most digital agencies work with any client – we only work with change makers, brands and businesses looking to create a healthier future for all. Our experience is in brand strategy plans and brand visuals. Our in-depth industry research on where your brand fits, in this crowded marketplace will help you stand out!

We work with you on your brand mission, ethics and finding your audience. We’re different to most other agencies, as we also publish our own magazine in health, food and nutrition – we totally understand this industry and what consumers want!


So, book a call, lets see how we can work together.

Branding Stage 1

We work on your brand mission, ethics and your target audience – position in the marketplace.

Branding Stage 2

We work on your brand tone of voice and message – telling your brand story to connect with consumers.

Branding Stage 3

Your brand visuals, we design your logo, website and marketing materials.

Thrive Clients

“I cannot thank Sue enough for the brand and media coaching I have had with her over the past four weeks. Sue is super supportive and challenges you to think out of the box. Her professionalism, positive spirit, and great knowledge are priceless to anyone that wishes to build their brand and stand out from the crowd. Sue goes above and beyond to ensure that your needs are met on the course, she genuinely cares about the people she works with. She is kind, friendly and approachable. Sue is an asset to anyone that works with her. Thank you for all that you have done for me. I’m excited to see what the future holds.”

Halima Ferreira

“I worked with Sue for what I first imagined to simply be a business brainstorm session, but it was so much more than that. Her insights and experiences were incredibly valuable on the call itself, but she followed up and provided ongoing accountability and feedback as I took action which was incredibly valuable. I appreciated Sue’s genuine enthusiasm and shared philosophy when it comes to health and wellness and having known her for a number of years in the lead up to working together, it was a no-brainer to ask her to support me when I was ready to re-launch my health food business. If you are ready to commit and create a successful business (rather than muddling through on your own) I highly recommend you invest in Sue’s support on your journey.”


Jo Hodson

Boost Your Bowl

“From the outset, we clicked enough for me to know that you are a kindred spirit out to do good. Thanks for working your magic to create brand awareness for our new ethical brand.

You have spearheaded our media campaign, we are pleased that we have a growing following of relevant fans and we are starting to see steady sales in a matter of weeks. You also introduced us to clever strategies to build our brand awareness. These are methods we are now working on to ensure we get endorsed by the right kind of people”


Preeti and Arvind

Lux Store Organic

“Personable, reliable, knowledgeable and effective – this is how I would describe Sue and Thrive Media.I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sue across all our social media platforms, to build our brand online and I have full faith that Sue and her team will always ensure OMGTEA’s social networks are optimized to the fullest. Thrive have achieved the results I wanted, and more. I would recommend them to anyone.”



Katherine Swift

Owner at OMGTEA