Brand strategy and brand visuals

Your brand has to make you stand out, in an overcrowded marketplace!

Let’s get one thing straight, your logo is not your brand.

Your brand is everything from; your brand tone of voice, your staff and how they behave when working for you, your advertising, your social media conversations, your reviews and more.. That’s why, our brand strategy and brand marketing plan will help to develop your brand in a wholehearted and effective way.

This is about getting your brand positioning, mission and ethics spot on and reaching the exact kind of customer that you KNOW, will buy your products.

Why choose us to work with you, on your branding?

We’re not just any old digital agency! With over 22 years experience in branding and brand management and now 10 years working in the food, and health industry we know what works! Where most digital agencies work with any client – we only work with change makers, brands and businesses looking to create a healthier future for all. Our experience is in brand strategy plans and brand visuals. Our in-depth industry research on where your brand fits, in this crowded marketplace will help you stand out!

We work with you on your brand mission, ethics and finding your audience. We’re different to most other agencies, as we also publish our own magazine in health, food and nutrition – we totally understand this industry and what consumers want!


So, book a call, lets see how we can work together.

Branding Stage 1

We work on your brand mission, ethics and your target audience – position in the marketplace.

Branding Stage 2

We work on your brand tone of voice and message – telling your brand story to connect with consumers.

Branding Stage 3

Your brand visuals, we design your logo, website and marketing materials.

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