Social media is a conversation

If you don’t know the topic or subject matter then how on earth can you have the conversation. We know that knowledge of the subject matter is crucial if you want to build an engaged audience on social media. At Thrive we know the health, food and wellness sector inside out. We can help you build an audience of followers that we can convert to fans and then customers.

How we’ve helped brands just like yours

You know that you can’t ignore social media marketing any longer. But how do you do it the right way for your business & brand. Without wasting the budget in learning. At Thrive we have run promoted Facebook campaigns and have worked with brands including; River Cottage, Champney’s Spa, BUPA UK and Pukka Teas. To launch their paid promotion over Facebook ads and Twitter Ads. These get results. But, you have to know what you’re doing!

We can help you build your social audience.


Social Power

We connect you and your brand to the people who matter. Through website design, marketing, social media and PR we can help you make the connections to find your audience and grow.

Create a community online

We’re with you for the long term. This isn’t a quick feature or one-off opportunity. If we truly believe in your brand and your ethos, we’ll work with you to develop, and engage your fans and create a community.


Grow as a business

I always think that starting a business is like growing a plant – you have to sow the seed, let the roots develop and bingo one day you’ll see those amazing shoots arrive. We help you to nurture and grow as a business and a brand.

Ways we can help you build your community

Whether you’re just starting out and have a brilliant new healthy food product or if you’re an established brand in wellness, we’ll be able to work with you to develop a social media plan. One based on real people and real conversations.


Getting social media right

The Challenge

65% of consumers state that when they have found a health, food or wellness brand online they have gone on to buy their products. Your potential customers are online. But how do you reach, engage and more importantly connect with them?

The Solution

At Thrive we already have access to an established and vast audience of consumers looking to buy healthy products. We can introduce your brand to this audience and via social media and online marketing we can also help you to build an engaged community of customers for your own brand.

Billions users on Facebook

Million users on Instagram

billion is the amount social networks earned from advertising in 2015

There are 2.3 billion active social media users

Social Media Management and Growth

We’d love to help you to grow your online community on social media. We always work to drive social audiences to your website for fans to become consumers. We’ve already worked with Champney’s Spa, River Cottage and Pukka Teas. We’d love to work with your brand too.

Personable, reliable, knowledgeable and effective – this is how I would describe Thrive.
I’ve had the pleasure of working with them across all our social media platforms and I have full faith that Sue and her team will always ensure OMGTEA’s social networks are optimized to the fullest.

Thrive have achieved the results I wanted, and more. I would recommend them to anyone.

Katherine Swift


We chose Sue and the Thrive team for our web design because we needed a fresh up to date looking website. We wanted a fast turnaround on the design job. The team was able to take our ideas and convert them into a website that reflects our business exactly as we want it to and more importantly, they delivered the finished site on time, which meant no delays in promoting our online presence to the world!

Sarah Walker

Owner, Walker Chiropractic

‘Absolutely delighted with the great feature article Thrive wrote for us. Working together was a pleasure due to the professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm the team bought to the project. I have already recommended Thrive to other health professionals and healthy brands and will continue to do so. We look forward to working with Thrive as they grow and grow.’

Niamh Hughes

Owner, Ernest Food Co

Absolutely the best decision i made instructing Susan, What can i say from start to finish Susan has advised, answered all my questions and delivered .. Sue’s work is exemplary, exactly what I wanted with some great ideas…. I will be working with Sue again and I will be recommending to every one I know… Thanks so much, much appreciated.


Owner, Ribble Catering

“We’ve advertised in Thrive Magazine for the past three issues and we seriously recommend it other food businesses. We have gained new B2B customers and end user customers as a result. We believe that working with Thrive has increased our brand exposure to our target market. We regularly have comments from new customers at Farmers Markets and Food Festivals saying that they were already aware of our company because they have read about us in Thrive Magazine. The general public wants to know more about food, not only how it is produced but also what good food can do for our bodies and minds”.

Suzy Pleasant

Owner, Ty Siriol Foods

“With the help of Sue and her team at Thrive, we’ve been able to turn our Social Media platforms from a barren landscape into a hive of activity by publishing not just information about our company and the products we sell, but also industry news, tips and tricks from around the globe. In addition, we especially like the personal contact, emails and questions are answered promptly, while the campaigns run are custom made to meet our needs. Without the help and expert advice from Thrive, we’d still be playing catch up on this now important marketing platform”.

Lee Edwards

Website & Marketing Manager, Hollands Hydroponics

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