Why work with us

We’ve over 20 years experience in branding and design. We’ve worked with clients such as Jamie Oliver Foundation, River Cottage and Nuffield Health. Our team at Thrive are all dedicated and immersed in this industry and have a wide network of contacts. We’ll help you shout your brand message louder, further and with more clarity, to reach your ideal customer.


We have a passion for food! Not just eating it!  We love talking about it too. We’re passionate about healthy brands who aim to make a difference. From coconut water to snack bars and matcha tea to vitamins. We’re ready to help you share your story and grow your tribe.


Have you got a healthy drink product ready to launch to market? We get excited when we find a new coconut water or a refreshing smoothie business. We just love promoting healthy brands and products to the world. We’ll help you build your own audience and reach our Thrive audience too.


Health & Wellness is a big deal. If we’re healthy and well then our lives seem to operate on a much simpler level. We work with health and wellness brands and companies to develop their story and help them to grow a community. We work with brands who are trying to make this world a healthier and more positive place.


Have you got a fitness brand or product that you want to get out to the world. We’ll help you to craft your story and grow your online audience. We’ve worked with personal trainers, sports & fitness brands, plus companies who are focused on good nutrition.

Why choose us?

Every day we have access to a large but targeted audience of health conscious consumers, all looking to buy healthy, natural alternative products. Would you like your product to reach them?

My Story

After an enjoyable but high pressured career in design and branding, working for a multimillion pound design company, I escaped the corporate world and went free range. Following my own journey with food I became immersed in the food and health industry. My passion is to help small and medium sized food, health and wellness businesses to tell their story to the world. To help them to reach new audiences and grow their business.

We have recently worked with well know brands such as; River CottageChampneys Spa and BUPAUK.

“Give me a brand that has a passion and purpose and I will promote it wide and far”. 

Our team at Thrive are all dedicated and immersed in this industry and have a wide network of contacts. Our time is dedicated to our clients, we truly want to see change and to see an economy and industry fuelled by a passion to make a positive difference. That’s why when we find a brand we love and work with, we champion them – wide and far.

In 2013 we established Thrive Magazine – a natural health, food and wellness magazine focused on showcasing ethical and passionate brands. Thrive has grown from strength to strength and has an online audience of over engaged followers. We feature the brands that come onboard and work with us to tell their story and engage with our Thrive Audience and to build their own community too.

Drop us a message let’s so how we can help your brand to grow.


Susan Hay – Founder of Thrive

  • Brand Strategy 100%
  • Responsive Web Design 100%
  • Social Media 100%
  • Digital Marketing 100%
Hollands Hydroponics

Hollands Hydroponics

Social Media

Social Media Growth & Management for Hollands Hydroponics – we refreshed their stagnant social media presence and have grown it into an engaged and valued community.

Champneys Spa

Champneys Spa

Online Marketing

We worked with Champneys to market the brand online, across our Thrive audience and to build their email marketing list.



Social Media & Marketing

We estanblished OMGTEA’s social media presence, have grow this to a large, engaged audience within a short period of time. We also manage their email marketing too.